Characters of West World

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Character Gallery

While plot is important, the entire West World Trilogy centers around character and motivation.  As an author, I worked hard to make these characters believable and relatable to the reader although in an other-worldly setting.  I want the reader to believe in a six-foot tall, upright-walking goat in denim coveralls just as much as the hero of the story.  I want a villain that is eccentric, but not so over-the-top that the reader could never believe in him.  I didn't want to fall into the "bad girl/tough, good girl/weak"  trap.  This page will acquaint you with the many and varied characters of the West World Universe.  Just click on a character's avatar to read their profile.

Tom Shallowhorne

Gnomon Chase

Victor Hawthorne

Nathaniel Pilchard


Madame Ching

Ms. Keym

Zeke McCoy

Otis Smith



Colonel James Westover

Captain Julius Vernon

"Doc" Vincent Arbor

Lled Narc

Auri-Tang Shann

Dumas Nakino

Idok Ydoom

Auri-Thai Panns

Zal Munna

Dallas Valla

Ilunga Naa

Jensem Farrow

Lady Vaudine Van-Veda

Little Deer

Chief Running Wind

Madame Rafeeka

Jane Callaway

Billy Riderwood

Johnny & Hoyt Roscoe