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West World Creator Ed Crandell

Ed Crandell was born near St. Louis, Missouri, in 1970. He attended Northwest High School - then located in House Springs, Missouri - and took one course in creative writing. Even at this early date, he had in mind an idea for a space western with steampunk trappings. It wasn't until several years later, in August of 1998, that he put pen to paper to begin writing West World.

Ed finished West World, with its blend of cowboys and aliens, in June of 2002. In that same year, he went straight into writing its continuation, Return to West World, which added space pirates to the mix, and introduced the fan-favorite character - an armored gunslinger named Gnomon Chase. In 2006, PublishAmerica agreed to publish West World. Return to West World was completed and published, again through PublishAmerica, in 2008. In 2012, Ed finished the third and final book in his trilogy - Battle for West World. He also bought back the rights for his first two books from PublishAmerica. Battle for West World was released by speculative-fiction publisher, Aberrant Dreams. They will be rereleasing West World and Return to West World soon. Ed is currently working on building a life-sized pepakura version of Gnomon Chase, following which he feels he will have the know-how to write an origin story of the armored gunslinger. He humorously refers to it as "method writing."

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